Certified translation

Certified translation
Certified translation

Certified translation is a specialized field which combines the translation and authentication of the Department of Justice. After being translated, the documents will be authenticated by the Department of Justice. This is one of our fortes, as evident by the following categories of documents translated daily such as:
1. Household Registration Book
2. Birth certificates of all kinds
3. People’s identity cards of all kinds
4. Certificate of Land Use
5. School report of all kinds
6. Passport
7. Certificate of Seal Registration
8. Banks’ books
9. Number of bank account
10. 10% VAT declaration
11. College degrees
12. Junior high, high school diplomas
13. English certificates
14. Certificates
15. Confirmations
16. Student cards
17. Driver’s licence
18. Certification of Retirement
19. Marriage certificates of all kinds
20. Judicial records of all kinds
21. Social insurance book
22. Payrolls
23. Tax registration certificate
24. Certificate of share ownership
25. Payment to National Budget
26. Salary payment slip

Currently, our company boasts a powerful team of translators whose signatures are certified by most judicial departments in Vietnam’s provinces and cities as well as abroad. Translated and certified  documents always reflect our commitment to loyalty to the original and are accepted at all consulate offices in the world.

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