Express translations

Express translations

Translation express  is a service to meet the needs of various customers in terms of project completion on schedule. This demand stems from the characteristics of each customer project which requires quick completion overnight, on public holidays or a large number of documents which must be completed within the day …

express translation
express translation

To meet this demand, TRANSLATIONVIETNAMESE.COM – Phuc An Binh provides express translation services including:
– Night translation
– Translation at weekends
– Translation of a large number of documents within the day (> 100 pages / day)
– Translation of 1,000 pages per week

This service requires rapidity and accuracy, thus requiring the company to have a large amount of personnel with adequate qualification and implementation capacity. Phuc An Binh, boasts a team of in-house professionals and associates who always ready to perform all small and large scale projects as per the requirement of our customers.

The quotation of Express service will be based on the following factors:
– Number of documents
– Language pair
– Specialization of documents
– Text Format
– Completion time

Please contact us for the most suitable quotation.

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