Interpreting services

Interpreting services

As one of the leading enterprises in providing interpreters in Vietnam, Phuc An Binh takes great pride in having completed many small and large scale projects. Our professionalism and quality translation have been highly regarded by both local and international enterprises, companies.

Interpreting services
Interpreting services

Our main projects include:
– Escort interpretation
– Three-way interpretation (telephone translation)
– Exchange, trade negotiations interpretation
– Workshop, conference interpretation
– Consecutive, simultaneous interpretation
– Bilingual interpretation
– Cabin interpretation

Currently, Phuc An Binh is one of the few companies which possess high quality interpreters, trained locally and abroad. We have successfully implemented various projects across the country. Our interpreters are professionals trained and specialized in foreign language through the closed entrance examination process and the effective implementation of each project.

Through such capacity and experience, we believe that we will complete your project with in the most efficient and professional manner.

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