Specialist translations

Specialist translations

TRANSLATIONVIETNAMESE.COM takes pride in our ability to offer translation services for specialized documents such as:

Specialist translations
Specialist translations

1 . Scientific and technical data : Construction , Machinery and equipment , drawings , designs , technology applications
2. Project bids: construction package, equipment installation package; product distribution package, product supply or personnel supply
3. Economic – financial documents: Economic contracts, commercial contracts, financial statements, securities
4. Website: company website, news website, specialized website…………
5. Political, cultural and social documents: Documents of investment law, land law, commercial law, import and export tax …..; education documents
6. Books: Education books, literature books, specialized books………….
7. Medical documents: Endoscopic documentation; endocrine document; cardiovascular document; dental material; diagnosis documents

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in this field, we have developed a deep understanding of our customers and always prioritized their project requirements.

We guarantee that your projects will be accomplished by our most competent and experienced specialists on schedule and in accordance with our commitment to our dear customers’ request.

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